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MJ students showcase their documentary work

Posted by: UR JSchool | On: 16th Oct, 2018 | News

The documentary students of the 2018 Master of Journalism graduating class will be showcasing their final projects on Thursday, October 18th at the University of Regina in the Education Auditorium (EA106).

The event is free and anyone is welcome. Doors open at 6:30pm and the screening will start at 6:45pm.

This showcase will feature three broadcast documentaries and one radio documentary. Read more about the documentaries below.

“Faith” by Reza Babagolzadeh

As many non-Muslim countries embrace the fearful image of Islam, many Muslims, not associated with extremism, try to push against the stereotypical definition of their religion. There are people like Samira and Abuzar who try repaint the image of their faith despite the consequences and conflicts along the way. They want the world to know their journey, struggle, and rebirth.

“66 Million Nights: Catch Them When They’re Young” by Janelle Blakley

Over the years, thousands of Indigenous children in Saskatchewan have been forcefully separated from their families. ‘66 Million Nights: Catch Them When They’re Young’ explores two families’ experience in the foster care system and examines how children and parents are impacted as the number of nights spent apart continues to rise.

“Grizzly Columbia” by Kyle Griffin

The North American coastal grizzly bear, this species impacts the lives of many people within the province of British Columbia for different reasons. Some want to protect them, others want to hunt. They hold a cultural and traditional significance spanning back thousands of years. And they play a vital role in the eco-systems they inhabit. ‘Grizzly Columbia,’ will take viewers across the province, getting accounts of what the grizzly bear means to certain individuals (activists, tour guides, photographers, biologists, Indigenous communities), and their overall importance to the natural environment.

“The Missing Narrative” a radio documentary by Kyrsten Stringer

The fall of a political regime in the wake of an international money laundering scandal, hope returned to a country of people who saw their votes make a difference for the first time in the history of their democracy — ‘The Missing Narrative’ is a story about the relationship between journalism and power in Malaysia, and three journalists who refused to put down their pens despite significant risk.