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Our graduates hit the ground running

Each year the School of Journalism graduates approximately 25 journalists. All our graduates have hands-on experience in print, broadcast and online media, including daily access to studio, camera and editing equipment throughout their studies. They have also completed a minimum of 13 weeks experience in a professional newsroom, where they functioned as working journalists. Most importantly, they are university graduates who hold at least one degree, and often more than one degree. This well-rounded education prepares them for a lifetime of critical, creative thinking, in addition to the practical skills of a working journalist.

Our graduates thrive in a variety of environments, from senior-level national reporting to documentary freelance journalism, in Canada and around the world.

Tamara Cherry, right, interned at Global Edmonton and is now working the crime beat for CBC Toronto.

Meet our alumni


The internship program is one of our strongest assets. Our interns are expected to function as working journalists under the guidance of experienced editors and producers. The internship is a core class, and each student must complete at least one 13-week internship during their program. Where possible, students may take on a second internship during the summer months.

Internship coordinator

Layton Burton