Not your usual commute for Bangkok Post intern Harrison Brooks

Posted by: UR JSchool | On: 20th Nov, 2018 Bangkok, Thailand – While his classmates wade through snow, Harrison Brooks wheels his bike through the hot, crowded streets of Bangkok, a booming Southeast Asian city some 12,000 kilometres away from the frozen prairie. Brooks is the 10th University of Regina School of Journalism student to tackle a

UK internship is J-School grad’s cup of tea

Posted by: UR JSchool | On: 15th Nov, 2018 From a royal wedding to an errant whale in the Thames, it was an action-packed autumn for Brenna Engel, who nabbed a post-graduate internship with CBC’s London UK bureau in September and October. ‘It was something new every day,’ said Engel, whose first day involved transcribing inter

MJ students showcase their documentary work

Posted by: UR JSchool | On: 16th Oct, 2018 The documentary students of the 2018 Master of Journalism graduating class will be showcasing their final projects on Thursday, October 18th at the University of Regina in the Education Auditorium (EA106). The event is free and anyone is welcome. Doors open at 6:30pm and the screening will start at 6:4

New broadcast instructor “thrilled” to join U of R journalism faculty

Posted by: UR JSchool | On: 8th May, 2018 The University of Regina School of Journalism is pleased to announce the appointment of veteran news videographer and filmmaker Layton Burton as a Broadcast Lab Instructor. Burton brings to the job more than 35 years’ experience working with CTV and CBC, as well as teaching experience and mentoring e

Student reporting receives Rawlco aid

Posted by: UR JSchool | On: 4th May, 2018 With the launch of the Spring/Summer session, U of R journalism students are packing their bags for incredible reporting trips throughout the province and around the globe – and Saskatchewan-owned Rawlco Radio Ltd. is playing a major supporting role. In September 2017, Rawlco CEO Gordon Rawlinson ann

Student investigation receives international honour

Posted by: UR JSchool | On: 2nd Apr, 2018 Crude Power, an investigative current affairs documentary produced by U of R journalism students, received an award from the Investigative Reporters and Editors association, it was announced today. Produced in last year’s Intermediate Broadcast and Investigative classes, Crude Power: An Investiga

Class assignments blossom into award-winning journalism

Posted by: admin | On: 23rd Mar, 2018 Imagine you are a first year journalism student. You’ve never operated professional video equipment before, you know squat about lighting, and you’ve never had to calmly grill a powerful politician like it’s something you do every day. Yet before the year is over, you’re produci

Class of 2017 are diving into their journalism careers

Posted by: admin | On: 2nd Feb, 2018 Most of U of R J-School grads get jobs right out of the gate – and it doesn’t take them long to move up the ranks. Here’s what a few members of the Class of 2017 have been up to since they unfurled their degrees last May and October.   Launch your journalism career today.

Bangkok Post internship lets students rub shoulders with history

Posted by: admin | On: 1st Feb, 2018 You never know who might show up in Thailand – and that’s why it’s one of the the most exciting internships offered by the School of Journalism’s undergraduate program. This September, Harrison Brooks will be the lucky cub reporter packing his bags for a 13-week placement with t

J-students hang out, share pizza with Peter Mansbridge

Posted by: admin | On: 23rd Jan, 2018 Peter Mansbridge dropped by the School of Journalism to share some pizza and career tips with students on Jan. 23. The former CBC National anchor and 50-year veteran of the news trenches said the best career advantage is to learn how to write well, because it all comes down to good storytelling. Later
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